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Getting to know Sihle Mooi

The Hotel Hope Ministries CEO tells more about who he is and why working with non-profits has always been his life's purpose.

In a much-loved Marvel movie, the main character is told ‘with great power comes great responsibility.’ Though it is easy to assume that such profound quotes relate only to characters found in superhero movies, every so often we stumble across those in our communities who exemplify this quote.

One such community member is CEO of Hotel Hope Ministries, Sihle Mooi, whose biggest goal is to be of aid to others especially vulnerable children, youth and leaders from underserved communities. He harnesses his power through his convictions of wanting to be a bridge that connects the diverse people of our nation. “So we can truly experience that we are ‘better together’ and bridge the disparities in our country, in opportunity and outcomes, so that every child can realise their true potential as those who bear the image of God.”

He does this all without wearing a cape instead, he wears his courage with great pride. He reflected on three years ago, when he had led 30 community organisations tasked to lead Alexandra township’s response to Covid-19, “Alexandra had all the conditions of a perfect storm which threatened to become the epicenter of the Covid-19 disaster in the country. The township is one of the most densely populated non-high-rise areas in the world.” During the pandemic, though many died in Alexandra, disaster was averted as these organisations were able to serve and feed over 80 000 people daily over four months, saving many lives. This, he expressed, was one of the most courageous quests he had been a part of.

As we all know, life is however not without its challenges, and he has faced his fair share. Such as having to close down a faith-based community organisation he started in Soweto. This organisation was a dream come true for him and it thrived for years until he was forced to shut it down due to challenges that included burnout. After time to recover, from the loss of a shattered dream, he got back into it and was involved in starting seven other organisations that have all gone on to grow and thrive.

With Hotel Hope being based in three communities; Melville, Newlands and Westdene he has the pleasure of taking part in various projects that aid communities. “We love taking part in community clean-ups, engaging with others through community associations while supporting important causes, cultural events, charity organisations and local businesses.”

On days Mooi decides to just take easy, he can be spotted taking walks alone, sometimes, as early as 04:00. “This is a precious time for me to catch up with myself, to reflect, pray and plan.” He also enjoys listening to podcasts, learning about varied subjects catching up on currents events from across the world. However, nothing quite rejuvenates him like catching up with friends over coffee or a meal.

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