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Thrifty weekend entertainment ideas for children

Here are some pocket-friendly ideas to keep little ones happy and entertained this weekend without leaving the front door, or spending money!

Entertaining little ones on a budget isn’t easy, especially when there’s still a while to go before payday. But with these fun and unusual activities, they won’t have time to get bored – and you won’t have to pull out your credit card!

Let them redecorate

It may seem weird at first and it will probably get a bit messy, but the little ones will absolutely love it. They’ll have so much fun deciding where everything goes and pushing various objects around (you may have to help them with the heavier items). It will also give them a feeling of having some control over their own living space. Of course, you may have to go back and switch things around afterwards because kids don’t always know that their bed shouldn’t be resting against the cupboard.

Host a fashion shoot

Get out all your dresses, jewellery, ladies’ shoes, and any old-fashioned items you may have lying around, and get the little ones together to stage a “fashion shoot”. Let them go wild choosing their new favourite outfit and then get out your camera (or simply your phone). Gather some random props, set up a stage, and get shooting. They’ll have an absolute ball and will love going through the photographs afterwards, so take lots of them.

Head to the kitchen

Teach your little ones to bake a simple cake or some cupcakes and have loads of fun decorating them. You’ll need to supervise and handle the oven, but there are no sharp objects involved so it’s pretty safe for them to attempt on their own. You may want to jump in and stop them from making mistakes, but hold back and let them do it themselves. It doesn’t matter if the cake or the cupcakes are a flop: it’s about the learning experience.

Get them to write it down

If your children have learned to read and write, this creative activity will keep them busy for quite a while. Give them a character or a place and tell them to each write their own story. Turn it into a competition by telling them there’s a prize for the best story (but definitely make sure to declare them all winners at the end).  

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