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Seven reasons why you should buy your car from a dealership

Dealers will offer you a guarantee and will also offer you additional warranties and insurances that can be added on.

Buying a car is a big investment. There are a lot of great advantages to buying a used vehicle as opposed to a new one, but do you know where you can purchase a car from safely and at a great deal?

In essence, you have two options – you can buy from a private seller or from a dealership.

Here are seven reasons why you should buy your next car from a reputable dealership:

1. Safety and peace of mind

One of the biggest risks of purchasing a vehicle from a private seller is safety and the risk of scams.
When purchasing a vehicle from a dealership, not only are you able to view and test drive the car in a safe environment – but you are also assured that your transaction will be legitimate.
With over 70 years of automotive retail experience and a nationwide footprint you can count on, offers one of the safest options in SA to shop for your next car!

2. More choice

A dealership will offer you a wide range of options and give you the chance to compare and test drive various models from different manufacturers. With you can even browse and compare over 8 000 vehicles from over 30 brands, from the comfort of your home!

3. Guarantees and insurances

Dealers will offer you a guarantee and will also offer you additional warranties and insurances that can be added on.

4. Better quality

Dealerships must declare and repair all known defects. compiles a comprehensive vehicle condition sheet including all the findings from their used car inspections. This way the purchaser knows everything about their selected vehicle that they need to know and are assured of getting the best deal.

5. Guaranteed not stolen

By law, car dealerships are obliged to guarantee that the vehicles they sell are not stolen. They also make sure there are no previous unsettled financial agreements still pending on the vehicle.

6. You can trade-in your existing vehicle

Should you wish to trade in your current vehicle against your purchase – this can easily be done through a dealership.

7. Finance options

Dealers will be able to offer you finance options and can also help you check that you can afford your chosen vehicle with tools such as the handy affordability calculator. Your dealer will also be able to handle all the necessary paperwork to ensure a smooth and pleasant car-buying journey.

If you are in the market for your next vehicle, take a look at the extensive range of options available to you from

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