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Areas in Ladysmith left without water

uThukela say that the Abattoir Hill reservoir is empty and so it is not possible to pump any water

Areas receiving water from the Ezakheni Water Treatment Works have been left with dry taps since this morning (December 12).

uThukela told Ward 20 councillor Abbas Warasally that the Ezakheni Bulk team are experiencing challenges.

The district municipality explained that the Abattoir Hill reservoir is empty and so it is not possible to pump water.

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Warrasally says, “It is sad that affected ward councillors get told nothing by the uThukela management, who do not feel it necessary to inform us as soon as they experience these problems so that we can ask residents to store water. It is also a major battle to get hold of these officials to get answers on time. Another worrying factor is that there are never tankers available to assist in the affected areas.”

Up until this afternoon, no time frame had been given as to when water will be restored to the affected areas.

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