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SAPS offers residents ‘personal safety tips’

SAPS says petty crimes are on the increase and advises residents to be cautious.

SAPS offers residents ‘personal safety tips’ –

Following a reported spike in petty crimes, Newcastle SAPS is urging residents to protect themselves.

Lizzy Arumugam, from the Corporate Communications office, explained that property crimes such as theft, housebreaking, shoplifting, handbag/cellphone snatching and theft from motor vehicles were all on the rise.

SAPS has also noticed instances of people purchasing possibly stolen items. Arumugam said any suspected stolen items should be reported to the SAPS CrimeStop number on 086 001 0111.

If you buy stolen things, you are encouraging criminals to repeat their demand for stolen goods, commit additional crimes along the line, and maybe murder or attack a defenseless woman or child just to steal from them.”

Here are some safety tips from SAPS:

  • Say ‘no’ to stolen goods
  • Never leave your door keys hanging in the door – it is easy to make duplicate keys for later criminality
  • If you buy luxury items, cut up the boxes and dispose of them in tied black bags – a branded box is a dead giveaway about what thieves might find in your home
  • Do not buy trendy items from someone on the streets – honest trade does not operate that way
  • Never buy expensive brands of perfume, clothing, CDs, DVDs or other luxury items at rock-bottom prices, from dealers with questionable credentials – these might be forgeries
  • Never leave your car keys in the ignition, even for a second
  • Never leave anything valuable on the car seat – use the boot instead
  • When wearing expensive jewellery or carrying expensive equipment, be cautious
  • Never leave your wallet in your trouser pocket or handbag unattended
  • Always mark your property and if possible, keep records of the make and serial numbers
  • When you are in a public place, keep your cell phone hidden
  • In public, your car or your office, never leave your cellphone unattended
  • If you must leave your bag somewhere, turn your phone to silent
  • Only answer your phone in public when it is safe to do so
  • Avoid being duped into lending your phone to someone who needs to make a call
  • Keep an eye out for pickpocketers.

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