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Security team stops burglar in his tracks

The suspect was arrested and handed over to Newcastle SAPS for processing.

Security team stops burglar in his tracks –

A burglar was met with an unpleasant surprise, when armed response teams intercepted his attempts to break into a Newcastle house this morning (May 20).

According to Ithemba Security’s Operational Manager, Mornè Potgieter, armed response units responded to an alarm activation at a home on on Milky Way (Signal Hill).

Upon arrival at the client’s premises, it was established there a house break-in in progress.”

Potgieter explained that armed response members tactically surrounded the premises and successfully apprehended one suspect, who was found inside the house busy removing a flat-screen television set.

The suspect was arrested and handed over to the Newcastle SAPS for further processing. More details are being awaited from police officials at this stage.

Well done to our dedicated members for their swift response and outstanding performance,” concluded Potgieter.

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