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DUNDEE: Ghost Walk marks Talana Day

Some kind of walking stick for those over 10 years old is recommended.

Today is Talana Day! October 20 marks the 123rd anniversary of the battle of Talana, the first major battle of the Anglo Boer War that broke out in October 1899.
The day of the battle dawned wet and misty.
The  annual Ghost Walk at Talana is going ahead this evening which also incorporates the parade in honour of the battle of El Alamein in the Western Desert – the World War Two battle in which so many South Africans fought.
Pat Rundgren, chairman of the Talana Museum Board, gave a breakdown of today’s activities at Talana:
“Meet at the Talana Museum Cemetery at 5pm for a MOTH parade to commemorate the battles of Talana and El Alamein..
Entry fee R 50 p.p., which includes some army rations and Dutch courage among the ghosts up the mountain. Please pre-book by calling the Museum at 034 212 2654.
“Strong walking shoes required as the ground is very rocky.
“Bring a torch that works’
Some kind of walking stick for those over 10 years old is recommended.
It can get cold by 8pm so bring something warm.
“Now, I’m not too sure that I believe in these things and “ghost walks” spark some opposition in our town from the fiercely religious community who regard them as satanic. However, Pam McFadden describes it rather more practically as charging people R 50 to see nothing.
“One year we combined the outing with a star gazing experience, but unfortunately the cloud base was so low that the stars went absent without permission so Paul Garner didn’t have much material to play with.
“It was highly entertaining to watch him try to set himself alight from the sparks of the campfire, though. I’ve been out with Paul on two other occasions for a star gazing experience, but the clouds have foiled us every time.
An uninvited and non-paying customer was an irate night adder, which strenuously objected to being trodden on by a bunch of not-so-ghostly walkers. That’s one of the reasons why you need a torch!
I’m dying to see this year’s crop of photographs.”

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