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Living with cystic fibrosis –bubbly Lindie speaks out

In short, CF is a genetic disease that causes the mucus in Lindie's entire body to be thick and sticky. Read more here:

At first glance, the bright and bubbly Lindie Sandow seems like the average 25-year-old, living her best life.

But there is a difference:  she has been fighting a life-long battle with cystic fibrosis (CF).

In short, CF is a genetic disease that causes the mucus in Lindie’s entire body to be thick and sticky. This causes digestive issues as well as breathing difficulties.

Living with CF has severely impacted her life and was forced her to miss long periods of school. As an adult, she is hospitalized at least every three to six months, which has had its impact on her career.

“I am however very blessed with an understanding and supportive employer,” she said.

Who is Lindie Sandow?

Lindie Christine Sandow was born on November 26, 1996, in Newcastle.

Lindie grew up with an older brother, a half-sister, a step sister and step brothers, all of whom she is still very close with.

“My mother describes me as a very busy child, but I was also apparently a very friendly child. I was quite sociable in high school and enjoyed going to parties. I’ve always enjoyed being outside, and I especially enjoy camping, zip-lining, and other fun activities. I also enjoy reading and creating diamond pictures.”

She presently works as an admin clerk at her church after being forced to resign from her previous job due to the dangers of Covid-19.

“My doctor advised me that it would be safer for me to stay at home during the pandemic. Fortunately, our church needed someone to help with the administration, so I could finally leave my house again, and because it doesn’t require me to be around a lot of people, my doctor gave me the okay and allowed me to accept the job,” she explained.

Lindie maintains a positive attitude throughout her life’s challenges, thanks to the support of her family, close friends, and her boyfriend, whom she considers to be an angel sent directly from heaven.

“I also believe that if you have a strong faith in God, you can handle and overcome any challenge life throws at you,” she concluded.

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