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Madadeni rapist sentenced to a lifetime behind bars

He told her that she needs to repay him for all that his relative does for her before he hit her on the back of the head with an axe:

Zenzele Buthelezi (46) was sentenced to life in prison by the Madadeni Regional Court for raping a 26-year-old woman in October 2020.

According to Natasha Ramkisson-Kara, NPA Regional Spokesperson, at the time of the rape, the woman was in a relationship with one of Buthelezi’s relatives.

On the night of the incident, Buthelezi called her and told her that his relative (her boyfriend) would be home soon and that she should come over to their house. When she arrived, she discovered that her boyfriend was not present. Buthelezi told her to be patient. After a while, she decided to leave, and he then attacked her,” Ramkisson-Kara explained.

“He told her that she needs to repay him for all that his relative does for her. He then hit her on the back of the head with an axe.  He continued to assault and strangle her, inflicting multiple injuries on her body before raping her. He eventually let her go after she duped him into believing that she would return. The victim was taken to the Madadeni Thuthuzela Care Centre for medical and psychosocial assistance.

Buthelezi was eventually arrested a few days later.

Regional Court Prosecutor Nokubonga Prayer Samukelisiwe Buthelezi led the woman’s evidence in court. The prosecutor said that Buthelezi had previously been convicted and sentenced for murder and was on parole at the time of the rape.

According to the state, he clearly had no regard for the rule of law and he was ultimately sentenced accordingly.

The National Prosecuting Authority applauds the successful conclusion of this case because it demonstrates our commitment to combating the scourge of gender-based violence. We applaud the work of the prosecution and SAPS,” Ramkisson-Kara concluded.

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