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Grass not cut after months of complaints

The grass is as tall as a person!

Ward 22 committee member Jennifer Rehman from Limit Hill is up in arms about the overgrown grass in the area. She says that, for months, the grass has been unkempt and despite numerous complaints to the municipality, nothing has been done about the situation.

Her concern is that dangerous snakes could be breeding in the long grass. “It’s dangerous and concerns all of us in the area,” says Rehman.

The overgrown grass in First Avenue.

She adds that children cannot play on the basketball court in Third Avenue due to the overgrown grass. This upsets not only her, but the entire community of Limit Hill.

“The grass is as tall as me, so how are we supposed to live like this? When we need to turn at an intersection, we have difficulty seeing oncoming traffic because the grass at the side of the road is so high that it blocks motorists’ view,” fumes Rehman.

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At the time of publishing, Alfred Duma Local Municipality had not commented.

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