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Grateful family praises passionate medical professional

"I am humbled by the fact that I am adding value to the community and patients"

The Estcourt Hospice Association’s clinical manager, Sister Zodwa Dladla, was ‘just doing her job’ when she intervened in the Nundlall family, assisting with vital medication that an ailing family member desperately needed.

However, for the family, Dladla made a life-saving sacrifice that they will forever be grateful for. Vishal Nundlall says his 62-year-old mother, who was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in 2015, had taken a turn for the worse when she started experiencing dizzy spells due to complication with thyroid gland disease.

Being a patient of Hospice, a visit to the Nundlall family happens weekly, on a Monday. This is part of the palliative care that the association provides to its dozens of patients that have life-threatening illnesses. When Dladla visited the family last week, she found Mrs Nundlall in bed and severely ill.

After speaking to her about her needs and challenges, Dladla went to the Estcourt Hospital and consulted with the doctor, who provided medication for Mrs Nundlall’s thyroid condition. The family is happy to report that Mrs Nundlall is feeling much better, thanks to Dladla’s assistance.

“Sister Zodwa spent half her day and running from one place to another, but she eventually got my mum the thyroid tablets she urgently needed. Thanks to her, my mum’s thyroid levels are now balanced, her heartbeat is normal, and there are no more dizzy spells. Sister Zodwa made many sacrifices; she literally went the extra mile in assisting my mum. Sister Rena Licen (Hospice CEO) must be very proud to have staff like Sister Zodwa, as her approach is beyond professional,” said Vishal.

Dladla says that hearing these compliments from patients humbles her.

“My main role is to support the patient who is suffering. I am humbled by the fact that I am adding value to the community and patients,” said Dladla.

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