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Donate blood today at the Ladysmith Donor Clinic

Every donation matters and holds the power to save lives, and each contribution is a lifeline to someone desperately in need

The South African National Blood Service (SANBS) needs donations, as blood stock levels are decreasing and posing a severe risk to patients in need. 

According to SANBS senior manager for Marketing & Communication Thandi Mosupye, “We are facing a critical shortage of blood and urgently call upon all South Africans to band together to get through this challenging period. The demand for blood remains constant, yet our current supply falls short of meeting this ongoing need.”

She continued that, “In December, our donations are expected to further decline due to the closure of workplaces and schools / tertiary institutions. Should this decline continue, our ability to meet the needs of patients will be severely impacted.”

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This past weekend saw local SANBS staff member Minthra Omapershad helping Amrith Basdew, Shirly and Sham Parag to donate at the Ladysmith Blood Donor Clinic, San Marco Centre.

Isn’t it time that you too faced the prick of the needle and saved lives out there? It’s very easy to be a ‘hero; just roll up your sleeve and voila!

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