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Desperate plea for assistance after house fire claims life of 3-year-old

The family has lost everything they owned in the blaze and now need the support and help of the community.

An Amajuba Park family has been left destitute after their home was completely engulfed by flames in the early hours of this morning (February 8).

The De Jager family, who reside in a Wendy house on a relative’s property, was awoken to the flames that engulfed their home at around 01:00 and quickly tried to escape the inferno.

The father, mother and their eight-year-old daughter, Liany, were able to get out in time but sadly, their three-year-old daughter, Kayli passed away as a result of the fire that engulfed the structure.

The exact cause of the fire as well as the exact cause of the toddler’s death are still unclear at this stage and will remain subjective to further police investigations.

Little three-year-old Kayli De Jager celebrated her third birthday on Wednesday, February 7.

The family has lost everything they owned in the fire and now needs the support and help of the community.

They need clothing, food parcels, toiletries, financial aid and any other items that you can spare.

The clothing needed is as follows:

  • Adult man’s clothing: Pants (size 34 to 36), shirts (Large) and shoes (size 9).
  • Adult women’s clothing: Pants (size 32 to 34), shirts (size medium) and shoes (size 5 or 6).
  • Little girl’s clothing: sizes 7 to 8 and small sizes 11 or 12 shoes.

Various drop-off points have been set up in Newcastle, Glencoe/ Dundee and Ladysmith to collect as many items needed as possible.

The drop-off points are:

  • Newcastle: 6 Pascal Street, Airport Industrial – Slagcrete (Speak to Ivan).
  • Ladysmith: 4 Verwoerd Street (Speak to Piet)
  • Glencoe: The Rusty Bucket – Shop 12, 66 Karellandman street, Spar centre, Glencoe (Speak to Jackie)

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For those wanting to make a monetary donation, you can contact Jackie on 062 313 2932 for banking details.

Furthermore, community members can also contact the Newcastle CPF Sector 4 and 5 on 072 894 4563 or 072 894 4563.

The Newcastle Advertiser wishes to extend their sincerest condolences to the friends and family of the De Jager’s during this difficult time.

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