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POEM: Love is the key

A poem by Luigi Spano

God silently spoke in a divine intervention to me and said: “Son, embrace your brothers and sisters, I say to you, begging for a little to eat, and remember a moment within our souls will last forever.”

Dreams are like the piercing stars, shining through darkness, and quietly disappearing in the beacon of the light.

You may think you are someone and yet tomorrow, you may be no one.

Have you ever wondered when you walk past me, pretending that I do not exist? However God loves me unconditionally.

And have you ever thought of me when I am sitting alone on the cobble stones of the street corner, begging for a little to eat that I may have a heartbeat, beating in my chest, just as you have.

Time can never mend,

As the tearful world weeps in sorrow,

But you can make the change, as tomorrow is never promised to anyone of us.

Love is the key to open the window of our souls and to look out through the darkness of our hearts and minds to shine upon humanitarian sufferings.

Therefore judge me not for you have not yet walked a mile in my shoes.

The rain drops may patter through the trees, washing away our footprints as it fades away in the sun light rise and blowing wind and yet behold, our love will follow us to the shallow grave where the eyes of mercy will embrace us in the glorious kingdom of heaven.

Luigi Spano


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