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A fight for change

The world is so messed up at this point in time, children are going astray, both mothers and fathers have to go out and seek work to provide for their families having little to no family time

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This is not for the faint hearted; Luigi Spano has a plight to change the world for the better, before his time on earth draws to a close. He calls on those who share this vision to be prepared to roll up their selves and get have their hands dirty in order to start seeing results. “I’ve planted this seed but I cannot do it alone, I need your help to see this through,” he shared.

Keeping true to his word, Mr Spano has for most part ‘personally handed over his book titled ‘One Act of Kindness’ to100 primary, pre-primary school as well as libraries. The book is a magical tale of friendship between an ostracised elderly man and a curious young boy. The world is so messed up at this point in time, children are going astray, both mothers and fathers have to go out and seek work to provide for their families having little to no family time.

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Mr Spano added with a great amount of sadness, “they have no other option but are struggling to make ends meet.” The divorce rate is at an all-time high and on the other hand as well, meaning countless families are being torn apart. Divorce brings about stress, leaving children of various ages having to side with one of the parents having no say in the matter. The effects this has is never ending, it effects their outlook on friendships, anxiety when it comes to forming relationships this can even cause rebellion which can turn then to substance abuse to numb or cope with the matters in their house hold.

I empathize greatly with everyone at the mercy of starvation, unemployment and poverty to name a few because in all honesty we shouldn’t have any of this.  It all starts at grass root level with that said I am strongly against anyone earing a ridiculous salary when our fellow human is suffering besides us.

With the advanced technology of this age, poverty should be non-existent. Technology is light years ahead we should not be battling with this, it should be a thing of the past, no one should be without shelter, job or even food. I think we need trained councillors in schools to give lessons, to steer learners in the right directions and to teach them that unfortunately there are no short-cuts in life.

With a trained councillor in schools no child has to face issues of this nature alone. This should become a part of the learning syllabus it should be made a subject just the way they take geography and English classes. This is guaranteed to make a better generation and over all a better world to live in.

If I could say anything to the young people it would be, “The best way to fuel yourself for the bumpy ride of life is through education, hang onto your dreams.” Know that dreams do come true for those who put their heart and soul into it. Accept to fail several times only to get up and fight stronger. If I can be the little change, to change the face of the world and make a difference in the lives of the poor, I would have completed my childhood dream.

Having had no education, myself and battling with dyslexia, it has always felt like I have had a prison sentence for a crime I did not commit. Imagine all the difference it would have made as an unnoticed dyslexic victim, to have had a trained councillor back in my day. To vent all my frustration, confusion and even fear, perhaps I wouldn’t have had to be shoved in professions tailored for a learning disability I did not ask for.

In closing I want to say remain humble, and remember as soon as you think that someone is better than you, you have already submitted to being a failure.

Submitted by Luigi Spano

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