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Book your 5-star family holiday on a 3-star budget right now!

Seize the opportunity to take advantage of cheap travel deals by booking your five-star holiday (on a three-star budget) well in advance.

The Covid-19 lockdown restrictions have meant many families have had to put their overseas holiday plans on hold. The good news? You have more time to plan for an awesome holiday the whole family can enjoy once the coronavirus is over – and might be able to bag some awesome future deals! Here’s how:

Make a wish list

Write down all the places you would like to go to with your family. Then narrow the list down to five places that you really want to explore.

Keep a close eye on travel specials

Keep an eye on the travel media. Subscribe to the newsletters of popular travel agents and glance over their specials on future holiday packages. You should be on the lookout for any specials offered for the places on your travel wish list. Don’t worry about flooding your inbox – subscribe away and send the emails to your junk mail folder. This may sound odd, but it helps free up your inbox for everyday issues, and when you are interested in travelling, pop over to your junk mail folder and mark the senders as safe, and read through the most recent emails.

Remember: the early bird catches the worm

While we can’t predict what the future holds thanks to Covid-19, by booking as early as possible you should qualify for an early-bird discount.

Local specials

Game viewing is best enjoyed in winter when the bush is not as thick, and there is not as much rain. Most lodges offer really affordable winter specials for local residents. Luxury safaris are usually out of reach for the average South African family, but you may be surprised at the low pricing during the winter season.


If you are one of those people who cringe at the thought of asking for a discount – for the sake of your family, get over it! The worst someone can say is no. Chances are, if you have a decent budget, and are booking relatively last minute, an accommodation establishment will be flexible with its pricing, especially if you are staying for more than three days.

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