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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, a pocket size device built for self-expression.

Every time you click like, you make a choice to express an emotion towards something. When you snap a selfie and share it, you display self-confidence. All our actions form part of an expression that taps into our creative side helping us feel different and reveal our unique self.

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The new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 boasts a foldable experience with the largest cover screen on the flip yet. Some might buy a flip phone to be different or so that their phone fits comfortably into a cute clutch bag but there are multi-purpose functions that really do make it worthwhile.

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For one, without opening the flip, you have a customisable 3.4-inch FlexWindow with widgets that perform tasks that you can navigate using one hand. You can check notifications, the weather, respond to texts, display a clock screen, play music, google maps and make voice recordings. When you flip the phone open, you can make use of Multi-screen mode and use two apps at the same time over a spilt screen. Another great advantage is FlexMode where you can watch a YouTube video and chat to your friends while watching.

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When it comes to taking a selfie, those of us with plenty of experience knows it’s all about the angel and with multiple screens, you have flexibility. You can enjoy a hands-free experience by simply setting up your phone in an ‘L’ shape on a flat surface to act as a tripod. Using the Hands-free FlexCam, you can trigger the timer by waving your hand to the screen and in a few set seconds, you will have a hassle-free shot giving you the best selfie experience yet. And for the quality … 10MP Front Camera.

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In a life of a journalist, it’s the perfect device to set up when recoding an interview or unboxing press drops to post on social media. When holding the phone to record a video, the feeling resonates with an actual video recorder where you can hold the device on the one side and see through the flipped screen. The rear FlexCam with 12MP Ultra Wide Camera and 12MP Wide Camera are great for taking groups shots. Keep your friends happy with Dual Preview and let them see themselves and make adjustments to their pose in real time for the perfect shot.

Unfold the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 and discover a phone that is on your side. Available in Mint, Graphite, Cream and Lavender. Click here for an amazing deal.  #GalaxyZFlip5 #JoinTheFlipSide #WithGalaxy

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