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7,710 Murder cases registered between October and December 2023

Get involved in the fight against crime. It starts in your neighbourhood.

Police crime statistics released last week showed again that there is a real need for the public to get involved in the fight against crime. Police Minister Bheki Cele addressed the media to release the statistics for the third quarter of the financial year.


“South Africa has thousands of police officers on duty every day, backed up with armed response companies and other law enforcement organisations. A key element to this teamwork approach is members of the public also doing their bit to support policing and law enforcement efforts,” says Charnel Hattingh, Group Head of Communications and Marketing at Fidelity Services Group.


The statistics (released on Friday 16 February 2024) showed murder cases increased by 2.1% while sexual offences went down by 1.7%. Police registered 7,710 murder cases between October and December 2023, up from 7,555 during the same period the previous year. They opened 15,284 sexual offences cases, down from 15,545 in 2022.


“If people are wondering about how they can keep themselves safe from these types of crime, then they should look no further than the organisations that are active right on their doorstep. They need your support and they need you to speak up when you see anything suspicious in your community.


“Neighbourhood watches are an integral part of any community, serving as the eyes and ears for police, law enforcement and security companies. These groups are made up of individuals who sacrifice their time by looking out for their fellow residents, despite often having limited resources at their disposal,” says Hattingh.


“Community security groups are an integral part of any security network. These individuals volunteer with the motivation to keep a handle on crime in their area.”


Neighbourhood watches play a significant role in crime prevention. Some charge minimum membership fees and others have to fundraise through community events. These fees and fundraisers help in resourcing the watch, but they always require more support to operate.


“The police simply cannot be everywhere, all the time. Armed response companies have also deployed the very best in technology backed by well-trained and equipped response officers. Alongside these, an active, well-resourced neighbourhood watch will always be of benefit to any area,” says Hattingh.


Hattingh says involvement with local crime-awareness initiatives also help residents to become better acquainted with each other. Getting to know your neighbour means we can also better look out for one another.


“Please make contact with your local watch and find out how you can assist them, from volunteering for a patrol to supporting their fundraising drives so that they can buy the equipment they need. The work they do, benefits you and your family.”


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