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5 Apps to make co-parenting easier

Are you considering a co-parenting app? Here’s why an app may very well be the solution for you and your ex.

Co-parenting is never easy – especially if you and your partner are not on good terms with each other – always fighting every decision and every arrangement.

This is exactly why Step-up actor Channing Tatum and ex-wife actress Jenna Dewan have been using a co-parenting app to manage the custody of their daughter Everly. The couple whose divorce was finalised in November 2019, reportedly relies on an app called Our Family Wizard, to co-parent their daughter.

The app is designed to help divorced parents communicate to properly keep track of their schedules when it comes to co-parenting.

The app allows parents to map out their schedules as well as any expenses, keep track of any activities for the journal and share messages that can’t be edited, deleted, or retracted by either party. If this sounds like something you and your ex-partner could use, read on for a list of other apps that perform in the same way.

Top apps for divorced/separated/estranged couples

Here’s a list of 5 co-parenting apps that could make life just a little easier…

1. Coparently

This app allows both parents to schedule their child’s activities, communicate without the “he said, she said” conversations as it keeps all communication centred around your child. The app even tracks all your expenses so you don’t have to fight about who paid for what later on. Learn more about the app here.

2. WeParent

This app helps you manage custody schedules, offers a shared calendar for the whole family so everyone’s on the same page as well as a messaging service where family members can communicate privately and securely. You can also share photos, notes, contacts, and documents on the app. Learn more about the app here.

3. Custody connection

Custody Connection is an easily viewable calendar, where parents can sync with each other to create, manage, trade days and view their custody schedule in one central location, anytime, anywhere they go with their iPhone, iTouch, or iPad. Learn more about the app here.

4. 2Houses

Getting organised when you’re divorced is a priority. This is where 2Houses comes in. Not only do you have access to an online shared calendar on the app, but you can also track expenses, while the journal feature allows you to share any information, news, pictures, videos, or even quotes. This means even if your kids are with the other parent, they’ll never be too far from you. Learn more about the app here.

5. OurFamilyWizard

OurFamilyWizard was created by a divorced couple who wanted to keeo communication between co-parents harmonious. So, in the spirit of keeping the peace, the app has a ToneMeter which, like Grammarly, will assess messages written by one parent to the other, and suggest kinder ways to write it. The ToneMeter is an optional extra though – but a really handy one we’d say. The app also records all communication should it be needed for court proceedings in a custody case. With OurFamilyWizard, co-parents can also keep everyone, from grandparents to family law professionals, in the loop. Learn more about the app here.  

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