Spoil yourself with a luxury holiday at affordable rates

It’s time to get away, clear your mind and hit the refresh button this December.

After being cooped up at home for almost two years, now is the time to get out, plan a holiday and enjoy a well-deserved getaway. With more and more people being vaccinated and the tourism industry opening up again, this is the perfect opportunity to travel…and it will give your mental health a kick too.

Research has shown that getting away is far more effective than passive leisure activity. Scientists have also found that the psychological benefits of a holiday can last for up to a month after returning home. A change of scenery, different food, cultures and a complete break from your daily routine at home is just what you need to revive your joie de vivre. Especially when you can relax and recharge in a luxury resort!

Here are some clever travel tips from DirectAxis to help you regain your sanity while getting the best value for your holiday budget:

Don’t fly with the masses

Have you ever spent Christmas Day or celebrated New Year’s Eve in the air? Flying on days when the demand is low means you can save on flight fares and enjoy having a free seat next to you as you won’t be packed into the plane like sardines in a can. Avoid popular flights at the start or end of school holidays which are likely to be more expensive.

Be adventurous with your destination

International tourism has shriveled up over the past 18 months and it might take as long as 2023 to recover. Their loss is your gain, as top-end hotels, guest houses and private game lodges who usually cater for international tourists, will now gladly welcome local guests over their summer peak season. Look out for specials and discounts and you could have a once-in-a-lifetime holiday at a fraction of the pre-pandemic costs.

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