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An accident waiting to happen

A concrete slab has broken away from the pavement in Leslie Avenue causing a dangerous obstruction to motorists.

Resident Quintin Bergh said, “What makes the situation so dangerous is that the road is not well lit during the night and it could seriously damage a vehicle if it were to hit the slab.” He added that the slab had been causing an obstruction since 19 November.

During an onsite inspection with this journalist and Bergh a serious accident almost happened when a vehicle in the left lane had to swerve out and almost collided with an oncoming vehicle.

“This is a serious accident waiting to happen,” he said. “I have logged a complaint but nothing has been done to remove the problematic slab yet.”

Johannesburg Roads Agency spokesperson Sam Modiba said the complaint had been picked up by the agency and that a team will be dispatched to rectify the matter.

Details: Johannesburg Roads Agency 011 298 5000.

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