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Ward councillor responds to lawn mowing

BLAIRGOWRIE – It was 'okay' for residents to take the lawn into their own hands.

Ward 99 councillor Bruce Herbert has responded regarding the residents who took the lawn into their own hands at Kenworthy Park, Blairgowrie.

Residents recently put their money together to purchase a R25 000 lawn mower () to cut grass in the park because they said, Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo (JCPZ) does not do so often enough.

“If residents feel that is what they need, then okay,” Herbert said.

“But what will they do when City Parks comes back [to cut the grass].”

According to Herbert, the entity will soon make a renewed effort to maintain parks more than it did before.

When the entity’s spokesperson Jenny Moodley was first contacted, she commended the residents for purchasing the lawn mower to “alleviate the pressure on City Parks’ resources to address service shortfalls in other areas in the region”.

Details: Ward 99 councillor Bruce Herbert bruceh@webmail.co.za, 083 274 3551; Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo 011 712 6600.

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