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Self-confidence plays a vital role in life

RANDBURG – Young South Africans are taught about the power of self-confidence by Ponds.

The Ponds roadshow team visited Radley College to empower their pupils by teaching them about face care and self-confidence. The roadshow included a presentation, which consisted of slide shows, animations and how-to videos, through which pupils are taught how simple it is to take care of their facial skin and the impact that it has on their daily lives.

“Ponds’ ambition is to breathe self-confidence into the youth of South Africa and what better space to talk to the youth than in their own environment at schools,” said Unilever brand building face care manager Lauren Tolond.

Through research, Ponds has understood the vital role that confidence plays in the life of a teen. Selfie-confidence is about empowering teens to be self-assured, and allows them to show their faces with pride.

According to Ponds, face care plays an integral part. The two factors work hand-in-hand because the way one projects oneself is intimately linked to the way one feels.

“There is a huge need to educate young women about face care in South Africa and Ponds is committed to this education. This year, Ponds along with the Department of Education, will visit 450 South African schools and will reach over 140 000 pupils to educate them on face care and confidence,” said Unilever public relations manager Sphelele Mjadu.

“As part of the programme, schools will be provided with a workbook for Grade 8 to 12, highlighting the importance of self-confidence,” Mjadu added.

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