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Family in fear of electricity

BORDEAUX – A resident complains about the outside pole which does not have a box over the switches and the power trips constantly.

After moving into their new home, a family in Bordeaux is having electrical problems with City Power apparently sending them from pillar to post.

The woman who spoke under condition of anonymity said that they had bought the house in June and they noticed the electrical problem but thought that it would be easy to fix.

“We have tried to log this problem with City Power since we moved into the house in June, but we are still sitting with the same problem five months later,” she said. She explained that the electrical wiring from the pole outside should not come over their wall and should have gone underground instead. Furthermore, she added that where the wiring enters into the electrical box inside their property, is not closed.

“The outside pole does not have a box over the switches due to the wiring coming into our home and as such, as soon as it rains, or the wind blows, the switch trips as it is exposed, and then we have no power,” she said. “Recently when there was a storm, we ended up with no power and after the storm we logged two calls to have the tripped switch outside seen to,” she added. The woman said that they have a 10-month-old baby and are we worried about the danger posed by the wiring coming into their house as their baby was starting to crawl.

City Power spokesperson Yumna Sheik said that they had received feedback from the area manager that there was a cable fault at the property. “A temporary cable was installed while the team was busy with repairs and they have confirmed that the cable was safe,” Sheik said. She added that a team will urgently be sent to the house in Bordeaux to conclude with all repairs. “I would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused to the family,” Sheik concluded.

Details: City Power, estimations@citypower.co.za or 011 490 7000.

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