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Missing Children SA provides 2015 stats

JOBURG – 1.2 million children are trafficked each year.

Missing Children South Africa released its statistics report based on cases reported between 1 December 2014 and 30 November 2015.

Stats show that 265 children were reported missing and 200 were found, and 395 adults were reported missing and 252 were found over this period. The report stated that according to the Missing Persons Bureau, a child goes missing every five hours in SA. In 2013 they recorded 1 697 cases of missing children reported to the South African Police Service.

MCSA has an overall success rate of 68 per cent. The cases regarding children alone have a success rate of 75 per cent. Unfortunately, 6 per cent of the children found were deceased. Every year they see the success rate decrease, and they cannot say for a fact that it is because fewer children are found again, or because more cases are reported to the organisation.

Gauteng and the Western Cape had the highest rate of missing children and adults. Gauteng saw 158 adults missing with 99 found and 112 children missing with 79 found. Western Cape did, however, show a higher rate of missing adults with 175 and 114 found and 107 children missing and 92 found.

MCSA grouped the reasons children are reported missing in categories. General and unknown reasons were the highest at 52.1 per cent and run-aways were 41.9 per cent. Other reasons were human trafficking, parent or family abduction, kidnappings and seeking families.

The ages reported to Missing Children SA were from zero to six years at 14 per cent; seven to 12 years at 17.8 per cent and 13 to 17 years at 68.2 per cent. The total of deceased individuals were 12 children and 34 adults and the racial group distribution was 28 per cent for black; 31 per cent for coloured; 37 per cent for white and 4 per cent for others.

MCSA stated that they are striving to make more people aware of the reality of human trafficking. According to the International Labour Organisation it is estimated that 1.2 million children are trafficked each year.

Details: or Emergency number 072 647 7464.

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