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Linden CPF wishes their community well

LINDEN – Linden Community Police Forum appeals for greater community support in 2021.

Linden Community Police Forum (CPF) would like to wish everyone in their community a happy, healthy and prosperous 2021, and appealed for greater community support.

Linden CPF Sector 2 chairperson Annelize Tichauer said, “2020 and all its chaos made way for 2021, without much changing. We are back in the grips of another lockdown without the ability to go out and raise funds, our regular donors are tightening their belts and sadly the costs don’t stop.”

She added that the bulk of the funds the CPF raised were used to fund their victim support team.
“This team is probably the most important people at our station after a traumatic incident. They are ready and willing to assist either via phone or in person at any hour. We make sure that there are sufficient funds to enable them to make and take calls in the process of assisting the victims, be it cancelling bank cards or just talking and having someone that listens and understands.”
The victim support room needs topping up on various items the team uses a lot such as tissues, water bottles, stationery and other consumables.

“Lockdown, unfortunately, doesn’t stop crime from taking place. We would like to urge everyone to tighten their guard and be more vigilant and alert.”
She said when residents were at home, they should make sure they locked their doors and security gates, not only when they went out but also when they were home.

“Please don’t leave valuables lying around in your vehicles. We would like to make a huge call to all the runners and cyclists, please don’t exercise with earphones or headphones – it does limit your situational awareness and makes you more vulnerable.”
As some schools were reopening, the CPF would like to urge parents to remind their children to put electronic devices away when walking home or waiting at school.

“Our children are much safer if they are alert and not focusing on a device.”
The CPF would like residents to also put protocols in place regarding who entered their properties.
“Please remind your domestic staff to never open the gate for any delivery service or workman who are not expected and who can’t be verified by a simple phone call to you. Let’s all keep safe and alert.”

Details: info@lindensaps.co.za

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