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Local children’s home Oasis Haven hosts an amazing race

All this for the benefit of two children's homes in Robin Hills.

Oasis Haven, which has two homes in Robin Hills, held the event across the City with bowls, driving out words in navigation, blind coffee tasting and more.

“We had a great day and really appreciate the support of everyone who signed up for the event,” said managing director, Beverley Beukes.

“All the proceeds go towards the needs of the children in our care, and it was wonderful to see some new faces. Thank you also to XL Sports Consulting, our event partner, for all the hard work and organisation, and to all the people and companies who sponsored prizes.”

Contestants dance the Jerusalema at the Oasis Haven girls’ family home.

The 12 competing teams departed from Zoo Lake Bowls Club at late in the morning.

The first activity was an elimination round of bowls. Teams were then given goodie bags and clues and had to work out their routes around the city to complete all their tasks.

Activities included counting steps at the Westcliff Stairs between two markers, taking a selfie with the Nelson Mandela statue at Nelson Mandela Square, knitting blocks of 40 rows to make a blanket, blind-tasting at a coffee shop, driving out the word Oasis using a phone GPS, dancing the Jerusalema at the Oasis Haven girls’ family home, led by the girls, and painting a canvas to create a large representation Africa at the Oasis Haven boys’ house.

Many community members come out to support the children’s home through the amazing race.

The final destination was at a restaurant in Lyme Park, where teams ran up a red carpet to an Amazing Race finish sign.

“Despite some of the teams finishing in the rain, everyone was in great spirits, and we definitely plan to host another race event like this again,” said Beukes.

Community members rush to complete tasks to earn prizes that were donated.

Prizes were awarded to the team that finished all the activities in the shortest space of time, but there were also awards for spirit, best dressed, and the biggest losers.

The winning team was The Amazing Grays – the Gray family’s six-person team comprising two parents and four young children.

Contestants rush to the next challenge.

Prizes were donated by Nanyata Siyaya Holdings, Be You Global Health & Wellness Centre, Shree Yoga, Verdant Green Living, Visio Hair & Beauty, Eternal Relaxation, Food Ink Chef, and XL Sports Consulting.

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