Bromhof youth asks the older generation to share their knowledge

Bromhof youth hopes generations can work together to solve SA's challenges.

Josh Hattingh (18) from Bromhof writes:

I started working straight out of school for a real estate company and through this have met many people in the area.

I enjoy learning about them and the homes they would like to have. They can be so passionate about this.

It is great when I am able to help them find their dream home.

Living in Bromhof also has its advantages.

Josh Hattingh would like to see generations working together. Photo: Nicholas Zaal

While there are challenges with our electricity sometimes, the area is very central and it is easy to get to where I need to.

In the suburb itself there is much to do, as well.

The one issue I feel strongly about is the challenges we have in society at the moment and how some people just want to leave it all to others to solve.

I do not want to generalise, but many in the older generation feel like it is the current generation’s job to fix everything.

These are problems that began in the past and are still ongoing, like global warming, the power crisis and our economy.

There is much knowledge the older generation can pass on, and that we can learn from, that will help us with these.

I have seen in my own life how when people in previous generations come forward to help younger people, they really can make a difference in society.

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