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Joan Homann loves to paint animals and scenery at Randburg Art Society meetings

Artist sees an improvement in her use of shadow and contrast since she joined the Randburg Art Society.

Joan Homann thoroughly enjoys painting at the Randburg Art Society.

Since she retired seven years ago, Homann has been creating bright images of animals and scenery with watercolour paints every week at Blairgowrie Recreation Centre.

“I don’t like to use other types of paint or pastels. The colours in nature inspire me and I find I can convey that best with watercolour,” she said.

Homann paints on cards as well as paper, and animals are her favourite subjects. “Recently I’ve seen an improvement in how I paint shadows, which makes a difference. For a good painter, contrast is so important as it makes things stand out.”

Reflecting the beauty of nature in art requires subtleties of colour and shade, Homann said.

Randburg Art Society chairperson Teresa New thanked the community for taking an interest in local artists. “The society is doing well and we are seeing a number of artists join lately,” she said.

New invited artists interested in joining the society can visit one of the meetings on a Monday morning at Blairgowrie Recreation Centre, or phone them.

Details: Randburg Art Society 071 457 4138.

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