Dance studio takes a stand against bullying

Alissa Steyl, the founder of the studio, explained that the studio wants to send a clear message of inclusion, respect and love.

On April 13 and 16, Five6seven8 Dance Studio, located at Ferndale on Republic, stood up against bullying by embracing the spirit of International Day of Pink.

Attendees had the opportunity to attend 30 different dance classes throughout the day.
Juan Louw teaches a shuffling class.

The International Day of Pink is a global celebration of diversity and an opportunity to stand up against bullying, discrimination, homophobia, transphobia, and all forms of hatred. Five6seven8 Dance Studio seized this occasion to spread the message of love and acceptance through the universal language of dance.

Matthew and Danielle Laming-Denyssen.
Nicole Hill, Andrew Tatalias and Kunal Maharaj.

The studio opened its doors to the public and attendees were encouraged to wear pink as a symbol of their support for the anti-bullying movement.

Alissa Steyl wears pink to celebrate International Day of Pink.
Katie Groves and Zama Mntambo count down to start their dance routine.

The event featured trial classes across a spectrum of dance styles, including ballet, hip-hop, contemporary, and more. Alissa Steyl, the founder of the studio, expressed her belief in the transformative power of dance to unite people and effect positive change. “By participating in the International Day of Pink, we want to send a clear message that our studio is a place of inclusion, respect, and love.”

Nicole Hill and Andrew Tatalias dance to K-pop.
Iné Botha, Pule Seleki and Stephan Botes enjoy line-dancing.

Steyl shared her passion for creating a welcoming environment at the studio. “At Five6seven8, we believe that everyone deserves to feel accepted and celebrated for who they are. Dance has the extraordinary ability to break down barriers and foster connections between people from all walks of life.”

Zama Mntambo, Katie Groves, Aidan Lawrence and Gabriella Smith.
Lizanne Robinson.

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