Trinity House hosts enchanting musical concert for pre-primary school learners

The pre-primary principal, Andy Brann, said the best moment was seeing the shy children come alive on the stage.

Trinity House Randpark Ridge recently hosted a musical extravaganza, as learners from the pre-primary school grades 0000 to 00 took to the stage to showcase their talents in a concert. Families gathered together to enjoy the performances, filled with music, dance, and boundless creativity.

The pre-primary principal, Andy Brann, shared insights into the concert, stating, “Our concert is an annual event. This year’s theme was ‘Country Escape’. The children had an opportunity to visit different countries with this fantasy theme.”

Emphasising the importance of nurturing creativity and confidence in young learners, Brann added, “We encourage the children to use their imaginations through dance, movement, and music, which enables them to have confidence on stage.”

Mila Alli.

Preparation for the concert is part of the school’s curriculum, making it a part of the children’s learning journey. “The children learn the songs and movements in class, and it is incorporated into our curriculum.”

Brann explained that one of the most heartwarming aspects of the concert was witnessing the transformation of shy students as they took centre stage. “It is also so special to see how they respond to seeing their families in the audience who are there to watch them. As soon as they wave to their moms and dads, their confidence grows, and they are ready to shine.”

Uarifuna Dagada.

The concert was a collaborative effort, with parents, grandparents, and teachers coming together to create costumes and props. “This is a very inclusive occasion, as the whole school is involved on the day of the concert, which makes it a wonderful family affair.”

Brann added that cultural events and activities are an integral part of the school’s curriculum. “It is essential to include cultural events and activities in the curriculum so that we cater for all the variety of gifts and talents that the children have. We strongly believe in a holistic educational approach.”

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The concert not only provided a platform for students to showcase their talents but also prepared them for future pursuits in the arts. Brann noted, “The audience absolutely loved the concert and were very encouraging, clapping and cheering for the little performers. It definitely prepares them for the years ahead and may ignite a spark of interest in some who are not exposed to those activities at home.”

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