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Residents demand action on Bram Fischer danger hole

Theresa Sebastian said that Johannesburg Water has been promising to fill the hole but it still has not been done.

A reinstatement on Bram Fischer Drive in Ferndale has become a source of frustration for both business owners and residents, as a hole left in the pavement continues to pose a safety hazard. Theresa Sebastian, who works at a business on Bram Fischer Drive, expressed concerns over the lack of action taken to address the issue.

“They [Johannesburg Water] dug up the pavement due to an underground burst pipe, however, after attending to the burst pipe and fixing the damage, they have left the dug-up hole wide open with no safety tape or precautions whatsoever,” Sebastian explained.
The negligence in ensuring safety precautions have been implemented has left residents and pedestrians vulnerable to potential accidents.

Theresa Sebastian says that the hole was dug up to repair a burst pipe underground.

“The damage caused has completely disrupted the flow of our driveway and access to the front parking of our premises,” Sebastian continued. “With Bram Fischer Drive being a main road, we have a rather large influx of pedestrians and school kids that pass by every day. This hole is deep enough to have someone drown in or seriously injure themselves. Especially since no safety precautions have been put in place.”

She highlighted the repeated attempts to address the issue with Johannesburg Water, only to be met with delays. “We have called Johannesburg Water countless times before, with them answering that they will attend to it in one week,” she stated, expressing frustration over the lack of urgency in resolving the matter.

The hole makes it difficult for customers to access the businesses on the road.

Ward 102 councillor Lucinda Harman said that she had escalated the issue to Johannesburg Water. “After the complainant reported the issue and sent me a reference number, I escalated it. I sent it to Johannesburg Water who said they would backfill the hole.”

In response to the concerns raised, Nolwazi Dhlamini from Johannesburg Water acknowledged the seriousness of the issue and assured that it had been escalated to the relevant depot.

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