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SPCA Randburg has pets up for adoption and in need of blankets

Visit the Randburg SPCA to see what lovely pets are available for adoption.

Visit the SPCA Randburg to adopt a lovely pet.

Before the pet may be taken home, the SPCA will arrange for a house inspection.

This pretty girl is about 4 years old. Kennel C4, Admin 57617.

Submit all required documents, including a copy of your ID, proof of residence, and a permission letter from your landlord or body corporate.

You are required to pay an adoption fee of R1 000 for adult dogs and R900 for adult cats. Puppies and kittens, six months and younger are R1 100. This includes a pre-home inspection, sterilisation, vaccination, deworming, and microchipping.

Beautiful Gooby is 3 years old and gets on with other dogs. Kennel B3, Admin 57328.

If you are interested in getting a furry friend, please call Randburg SPCA on 011 462 1610 or email admin@spca-rbg.org.za

SPCA Randburg needs blankets

The winter season has finally arrived and it’s freezing. The SPCA needs blankets to keep the animals warm this cold winter.

This big boy is named Mo and is 4 years old. Kennel A4, Admin 57642.

They call on the community to donate blankets and advise pet owners to keep their furry friends warm. The blankets can be dropped off at any time.

Cynthia Swanepoel, the kennel manager at the SPCA said blankets played an important role in keeping animals warm and dry during the winter months.

This boy is a 1-year-old boxer-cross. Kennel A3, Admin 57530.

“We are all feeling the cold and we can make an animal’s life a little more comfortable with a nice warm bed and blankets for all our cats and dogs.”

She added people could also donate old sheets, old cushions and dog food.

Ella is about 4 years old. Kennel B4, Admin 57618.

“We are in desperate need of dog food as well, big or small, any amount would be appreciated.”

Zeus is 18 months old and loves children. Kennel C8, Admin 57434.

For pet owners who are not sure how to take care of their pets during the winter season, the SPCA shared the following tips:

  • Make sure your animals have a warm and cosy shelter with extra blankets.
  • Limit the time your pet spends outdoors.
  • Monitor your pet’s water bowls to ensure the water is not frozen.
  • Do not give your pets direct access to heating devices, to avoid burns.
  • Closely monitor pets younger than one-year-old, senior pets and those with health conditions.

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