Blairgowrie Primary School celebrates Character Dress-up Day

Learners read as many books as they can during Literature Month and dress up on Book Character Dress Up Day.

Pirates, superheroes, princesses, children from Peter Pan in their nightgowns, wizards, and a whole bunch of other fictional characters were at Blairgowrie Primary School on August 22.

Muhammed Khan, Hamza Fajandar and Hunter Willes. Photo: Nicholas Zaal

Learners had a blast showing off their costumes for Book Character Dress Up Day. During break time especially, they flew around using their superpowers and spells on each other.

Chideraa Ezeh, Langa Jele and Neo Molusi. Photo: Nicholas Zaal

“We do this every year during Literature Month and it always goes well,” said the school’s Anaïs Wilmot. “The purpose is to promote reading for the children. We always speak to them about what books they would like to read during the month and they have a competition to see who can read the most books.”

Kabo Tlhe, Hayden Swinburn and Kholofela Maserumule. Photo: Nicholas Zaal
The teachers dress up for Book Character Dress Up Day.

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