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Local nurses celebrate Nurse’s Day in style

They had a picnic at the hospital's boadroom where they were thanked for their dedication in the profession.

Life Robinson Private Hospital treated their nurses to a picnic in celebration of International Nurse’s Day.

According to the Hospital’s CEO Andre Meyer, the purpose of the picnic was to thank each and every nurse for their dedication to the profession to congratulate their nurses for their exceptional attitudes.

The herald also spoke to the group’s nursing executive Sharon Vasuthevan who says that appreciation of staff members is often key in every business.

“We recognize the skills shortage in the nursing profession,” says Vasuthevan.

“Not only in our country but globally and we acknowledge that nurses are the heartbeat of the healthcare system.

“To help address this shortage, we have invested heavily in training aspirant nurses through our nationally accredited Life College of Learning, where over 11 000 nurses have been trained since its inception.”

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