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What you didn’t know about eye cancer …

Here are some symptoms of eye cancer to look out for.

The human eye is a vital organ – it can distinguish about 10 million colours and allows us to see, but it can also develop cancer.

The Cancer Association of South Africa (Cansa) has put out a list of some of the symptoms to look out for.

Signs and symptoms of eye cancer:

• Problems with vision, including includes blurry vision or sudden loss of vision

• Floaters (spots or squiggles drifting in the field of vision) or flashes of light

• Visual field loss (losing part of your field of sight)

• A growing dark spot on the iris

• Change in the size or shape of the pupil

• Change in position of the eyeball within its socket

• Bulging of the eye

• Change in the way the eye moves within the socket

• Pain is rare except in cases of massive spread outside the eye. In such cases, bulging or a change in the position of the eye may also be noted.

Treatment of eye cancer:

Most people with eye cancers are referred to a specialist centre for their treatment. These centres provide a range of treatments and offer the one most suitable.

For some types of eye cancer, there may be only one treatment, but for others, there may be several treatment options. The eye surgeon will explain treatment choices in detail, and talk through the potential benefits and complications of each before a final decision is made. It may help to get a second opinion from another eye cancer specialist.

For more information or support send an email to info@cansa.org.za or contact the Toll-free Call Centre on 0800 22 66 22.

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