Why a rehab center in South Africa is your best option for recovery

What are you waiting for?

Two of the major reasons attracting many people to South African rehab centers is that there is no waiting list and most medical insurances will cover 8 full weeks of comprehensive inpatient treatment for addiction in South Africa at Recovery Centre at White River.

These are just two reasons why many people are seeking treatment at our addiction-specialist center. It’s a far better alternative to waiting between 11 to 20 weeks to be admitted for inpatient rehab at an addiction-care facility or only being treated for addiction as an outpatient.

Intensive inpatient treatment programme

Addiction is a chronic disease with a relapse rate of between 40 to 60 percent, according to the National Institute of Drug Abuse.

Relapse is typically highest in the two years after treatment but can occur even after you’ve been sober or clean for over five years. It’s well known that inpatient rehab has a higher success rate than outpatient rehab because it’s designed to treat serious addiction with intensive therapy and a multi-pronged approach to healing your whole body.

Tucked away in a secure, clean environment in gorgeous countryside surroundings, eating healthily, doing more exercise and being 100% fully-focused on your recovery gives you the best chance for a full recovery and lasting freedom from addiction

Longer stay and more therapy

Eight full weeks at Recovery Centre at White River in the care of a skilled addiction-specialist team and gentle, dedicated staff is your chance to make lasting changes in your life. The costs include travel costs and spending money for snacks, medication and excursions. You’re welcome to stay longer if you fund your stay privately.

Most people who join us at Recovery Centre stay a minimum of 3 months and up to a year.

A unique African experience

Your treatment programme is planned around your unique needs and encompasses the tried-and-trusted methods of addiction treatment such as the 12-step programme and CBT as well as newly-developed methods such as mindfulness therapy and equine therapy. The cherry on the top are all the benefits of a truly-unique Africa experience.

Whether it’s glorious scenery and warm sunshine, hiking or walking in the beautiful countryside or experiencing the incredible healing powers of the African bushveld; you’ll find the pure essence of Africa soothing to your soul.

Affordable at the current exchange rate

Recovery Center at White River is not a “cheap” alternative to inpatient addiction treatment in South Africa. It’s an intensive, multi-therapy programme with comfortable accommodation and healthy, balanced meals that’s highly affordable.

The cost of an 8-week stay at Recovery Centre at White River is capped at R12 000 per month. Plus, your road to recovery can start almost immediately, You don’t have to wait an unreasonably long time to join us at Recovery Centre in White River.

Where is Recovery Centre at White River?

You’ll find Recovery Centre at White River nestled in a lush country setting in South Africa. The property is situated in a 100-year garden and surrounded by rolling fruit and macadamia plantations. It’s a short drive from one of the world’s largest man-made forests and the world-famous Panoramic Route.

White River is located in the northern region of South Africa and is the gateway to some of the most famous safari destinations in southern Africa. This includes the iconic Kruger National Park which is a scenic 40-minute drive from White River.

What are you waiting for?

Call Recovery Centre at White River and speak to our admissions counsellor. We help patients with forms and details required for medical insurance authorisation and we can help with travel arrangements.

Recovery Centre at White River ǀ +27 (0) 76 350 9868 ǀ

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