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Cast Aways asks the community to keep helping animals

With the number of animals currently at Cast Aways Animal Sanctuary they are unable to take in any more.

Many rescue centres are feeling the pressure of finances to keep making a difference in the community, and the Cast Aways Animal Sanctuary is no different.

Louisa Rossouw, director and founder of the sanctuary explained they currently have 200 adult cats, excluding the kittens and 125 dogs on the premises. These animals all need to be fed and cared for.

The cat food amounts to up to 16kg pellets daily for adults and the soft foods they get once daily. The dogs eat around 40kg a day. This is aside from their animals in foster care. They feed around 30 of them as well.

“It costs a fortune to take care of all these animals. All our animals are sterilised and vaccinated as well.”

She added they are also in the process of renovations. They remove the wire in their kennels and replace it with wooden poles and planks to prevent rust. She noted they have received a sponsor for the poles, however they still need donations of planks. They are also building a bigger kennel for their puppies.

She continued they started in 2018 when they built their first kennels and are still in the process of making some changes.

Another option for people to donate is their Guardian Angel programme where a person can choose a cat or a dog and pay a donation towards their care each month, including the cost of their food or kennel. People can also take the animal to a grooming parlour to treat them a bit or visit them and go for walks.

Any person who would like to donate can contact Louisa on 072 812 3333.

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