Faizel runs the Comrades for Toekies

Toekomsrus resident Faizel Bhana had plenty of support while participating in the Comrades Marathon.

Faizel Bhana made the Toekomsrus community proud by bagging a bronze medal at this year’s Comrades Marathon.

On June 9, Faizel and thousands of others participated in the Ultimate Human Race from Durban to Pietermaritzburg.

One of the challenges Faizel faced during the race was the big hills known as the Big Five, including Cowies Hill, Botha Hill, Nchanga Hill, Umaaz and Polly Shorts. He also experienced extreme tiredness and a sore body. It still did not stop Faizel from finishing the race with a time of 10 hours and 40 minutes.

Faizel stated that he was the only participant in Toekomsrus who partook in the Comrades. The year 2024, however, was not Faizel’s first ever Comrades, according to him, this was his fifth time.

“I love the Comrades’ spirit and encouraging the youth that irrespective of the mountains they can overcome it with sacrifice, determination and faith. I am proud that I can inspire the youth and the community of Toekies. I love Comrades because it’s about faith, perseverance and conquering the unknown. We trust in God’s grace. It gives us an identity so we can do all things through Christ and never give up,” Faizel claimed.

Faizel had plenty of support from the Toekomsrus community, including the Nazarene churchgoers.

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