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Smoke from veld fire cause havoc on north road

Volunteer firefighters called on the public to assist reporting fires.

The Sinoville firefighters association (SBBV) has warned motorists to report veld fires and avoid driving into smoke-filled roads.

This after an unplanned veld fire caused havoc on roads in the north of Pretoria on Sunday.

Spokesperson for SBBV Zenobia Loock du Plessis said an open veld east of Dr Swanepoel Road, Montana was burning, and thick clouds of smoke had obscured roads nearby.

Smoke-filled road north of Pretoria. Photo: Supplied

“Volunteer firefighters responded swiftly to control the fire,” said Loock du Plessis.

“However, many motorists still drove through the thick smoke – very dangerous to do and inadvisable.”

Earlier this month, SBBV firefighters helped control a fire that had broken out near Soutpansberg Road and N4 highway.

Smoke-filled road north of Pretoria. Photo: Supplied

“Here an accident occurred due to the dense smoke covering the road near the Soutpansberg bridge.”

Loock du Plessis urged motorists to not drive through smoke-dense roads.

“Reduce speed. If you cannot see anything in front of you, neither can the other motorists. If possible, use alternative roads or stop where it is safe and report the fire.”

Earlier this month, a veld fire broke out near Soutpansberg Road and N4 highway. Photo: Supplied

The SBBV had imposed a fire ban for the duration of winter.

“The dry and windy climate is ideal for fires, which can spread incredibly fast.”

She also called on community members to assist the SBBV, a non-profit organisation.

“We could always use more hands. No one is compensated though, but we offer training for those who really want to help their community.”

For more information visit: www.sbbv.co.za

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