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Medical waste along Silicon road poses risk

Polokwane Observer was tipped off over medical waste found dumped along the Silicon road.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the appropriate handling, treatment and disposal of waste is necessary to protect and promote public health.

Contrary to this guideline, Polokwane Observer was tipped off over medical waste found dumped along the Silicon road. The whistleblower said she was concerned about the risks the waste may pose.

A bloody swab on the road.

Departmental Spokesperson, Neil Shikwambana ensured residents that the department has contracted a medical waste company that ensures that such waste is disposed off according to legal guidelines. There is a designated site for this type of waste, he said.

The resident who spoke to Polokwane Observer anonymously, said she was shocked to see bloodied swabs, used casts and other medical waste next to the road and blown into the fields along the road.

A used cast.

“They are not allowed to dump this on municipal property because there are designated sites out of the community reach where they need to dump the waste. I am quite concerned about where this waste ends up when the wind starts to blow. There are a number of grazing fields along the area with various types of animals not to mention the Polokwane Game Reserve which is situated basically a few meters from where the items were found.”

The waste was found late last Wednesday afternoon.

She says another hazard is the glass bottles that were dumped in plastic bags along the road that might lead to punctured tyres.

Shikwambana encouraged residents to report any medical waste that is disposed off carelessly to Environmental Health Practitioners whose offices are located in the district municipal offices.

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