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Makhado FM’s Thidilweli makes her mark in the industry

Barely three years after joining Makhado FM, Thidilweli Mukhudi's popularity has grown because of her emphasis on promoting her mother tongue, Tshivenda, without compromise.

LIMPOPO- Research and a love for one’s work are necessary for a successful science and technology radio presenter, and this is precisely what Makhado FM’s Thidilweli Mukhudi (23) is good at. This girl from the dusty streets of Mafhohoni settlement is gradually making her mark in the broadcasting industry.

Thidilweli was born and raised in Ha-Makhitha, Mukhudi, where she attended Madaheni Combined School. She passed matric at Phophi High School and went on to study at the University of Venda, where she completed a BA degree in media studies.

Mukhudi presents the Science and Technology Show on Tuesdays between 14:00 and 15:00.

“I must make sure that I’m fully prepared when I get to the studio every day. Continuous reading, research and a love for my work contribute to the success of my show.”

Barely three years since joining the radio station, Mukhudi’s popularity has grown because of her emphasis on promoting her mother tongue, Tshivenda, without compromise.

“My show is more informative than entertaining, and I make sure that the language I use is understandable to everyone. When it comes to radio, one must be very careful with language because it is the only way of communication with the listeners.”

Asked about the recipe for her success, Mukhudi doesn’t hesitate: “Perseverance, hard work, motivation and effective time management are key. I have always believed that no matter how many shots I have missed, I’m going to make the next one,” she said.

Mukhudi believes that her job as radio presenter was a calling. “There is nothing that soothes my soul more than a radio. Radio is everything to me and I cannot live without it. When I am in the studio, I forget about everything else, because I find myself in another world, different from the one that everyone lives in. There is nothing better than doing what you love.”

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