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Polokwane fathers give young and new dads advice

From teaching children values and morals to spending quality with them, father's in Polokwane share advice with young dads.

POLOKWANE – Father’s Day is a day where fathers or paternal bonds are celebrated across the country with the aim of showing fathers that they are appreciated.

It is important to toast to fathers everywhere, acknowledge their immeasurable contributions, unwavering support and the impact they have on shaping the future of their children’s lives.

The Polokwane-Review Observer asked older fathers to give advice to younger dads on how to be responsible fathers:

Nkolokote Nchabeleng: It is important to be a good example to your kids and teach them values and ethics such as honesty, integrity, empathy and respect. Teach them the importance of treating people with kindness.
Phinius Ngoetjana: Be a supportive father to your children, always be present in their lives as they grow and show interest in their evolving interests, friendships and challenges that they come across.
Pule Masilela: It is important to express your love to your children and it does not necessary mean buying them things but spending time with them so that they know that you care for them.
Wayne van Rensburg: Spending time with your children is very important. Cherish every moment with them because time flies. Make the most precious moments you can with your kids. Create lasting memories, celebrate milestones and treasure the special bond you share with them.
Cornelius Mangwane: Kids will always be kids but as a father you have to find a way to understand them. That can only be done if you communicate openly with them and you are willing to guide them. Show your children unconditional love, acceptance and love.
Biza Ledwaba: Every father should look after their kids regardless of baby mama drama that they always shield under. It is important for fathers to be present in their children’s lives so that they can grow up knowing that they have a father who loves them.
Francois Hartlief: Being a father comes with a lot of responsibility. It is not about claiming your child but also being present in their lives. It is not just about materialistic things but spending time with them as children who have present fathers become confident.
Melvin Stevens: Be a father to your children while they are still young and remain present to resume the responsibility of being responsible for a new life. Fathers should always encourage their children to become better people.
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