Kasselman accused of being racist after making successful arrest

“... two of their security guards came into my house, violated my family’s rights and hit my brother......

Kasselman Security Services was part of apprehending a minor allegedly involved in a business robbery last year.

It came to the Standerton Advertiser’s attention after a facebook letter alleged racist undertones in the conduct of Kasselman.

Mr Jannie Kasselman was prepared to furnish us with the relevant incident reports.

Two security officers on duty received a call on 30 January that one of the owners of the the Igloo Sports Bar required assistance after someone came forward with information pertaining to the housebreaking.

A laptop and memory stick were stolen at the sports bar in December last year.

Two police officers were on the scene when the security officers arrived.

After the informant was questioned, sufficient evidence pointed to questioning a 17-year-old living in Kosmospark.

Mr Derrick Haskins and Mr Morne van Niekerk from Kasselman asked the police for permission to accompany them.

When they arrived at the address, a young woman was questioned who said the accused was sleeping.

Questioning was suspended while they waited for the young man to get dressed, with a police officer in attendance.

At this stage an older man, who was working outside in the garden, came into the house en allegedly began shouting at the police because of entering the house without asking him.

The police and Kasselman explained that the young woman took them inside and explained that it was only for questioning that the minor was needed.

The suspect, while at the back of the police vehicle, was uncommunicative when asked his name and where the stolen laptop is.

The police asked him to hand over his cell phone as procedure dictates.

The suspect still refused to talk when Kasselman asked for the cell phone and allegedly reverted to shouting.

According to the Kasselman officer, he touched him in the face to get his cooperation, which he subsequently did.

The facebook letter indicates that the youngster was hit and the writer, who prefers to remain anonymous, said civil charges will be instigated.

“… two of their security guards came into my house, violated my family’s rights and hit my brother……

“I want this to be investigated and if it is not, I will exercise my right to speak out.”

They then went back to the sports bar where the informant was waiting.

After further questioning the informant identified another house where the occupant showed Kasselman and the police an Internet modem as well as showing on his tablet the conversation between himself and the 17-year-old.

According to him, the minor tried to sell the memory stick for R150 and laptop for R1 500.

After checking, it was found that the memory stick was indeed the one stolen from the sports bar.

The police could then arrest the minor.

Since he is underage, social workers will assess the situation before he appears in court.



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