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Oregon Spur in Secunda Mall and community reach out to baby Liané

Support good cause, pop a balloon and enjoy dinner.

Oregon Spur in Secunda Mall and the mall management team took hands with the community and the parents of Liané Roux, the eight-month-old girl who urgently needs a heart operation.

They want to raise money for the operation.

Liané was born with a congenital heart defect called Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD).

VSD means she has a hole in her heart that divides her left- and right heart chambers from one another.

Liané Roux during one of her many visits to the hospital. (Photo: Supplied)

Liané was born with yet another defect called Double Outlet Right Ventricle (DORV) which means her aorta connects to her heart in the wrong place, thus she cannot get enough oxygen pumped to the rest of her body.

The heart operation that Liané needs will cost about R750 000 and her parents, Ashley and Quintin Roux have been trying since last year to raise the money.

They managed to raise about R12 000 so far and they created a trust fund in the meantime which is managed by lawyers to raise the rest of the money.

Ashley said if Liané does not get this operation as soon as possible, she might die as she battles to breathe and has other health problems caused by her heart condition.

The owners of Oregon Spur, Lizelle, Armand and Anzel Riekert, are planning an evening of fun at Spur in Secunda Mall, to raise money.

This evening will take place on Thursday, March 3 at Oregon Spur at Secunda Mall and apart from special prices on certain meals at Spur, the community can look forward to entertainment for the evening.

Renaldo Alberts will be performing in front of the Oregon Spur inside Secunda Mall on Thursday, March 3. (Photo: Supplied)

Two local artists, Renaldo Alberts and PJ Pretorius will perform on the evening and there will also be balloon popping and face painting, and candy floss for the children.

Elsa and Olaf will do the face painting and Hero Print will handle the photo booth.

It will be an evening for the whole family to enjoy.

There will also be a photo booth where people can take fun photos with props.

PJ Pretorius will be performing in front of Oregon Spur inside Secunda Mall on Thursday, March 3. (Photo: Supplied)

The management team of Spur also wants to spoil Liané’s two brothers, Liam (4) and Luke (6) with some clothes and toys.

“It is difficult for them, they do not completely grasp and understand what is wrong with their sister,” said Ashley.

Businesses or anybody in the community who wants to sponsor a prize such as accommodation, a meal or any other product for the balloon popping, can contact Anzel Riekert on 073 214 0896.

For any other information or to get involved in this project, contact Lizelle Riekert on 072 985 1023.

Alberts se nuutste enkelsnit, Perfekte Jy, is onlangs bekend gestel op al sy sosiale media platforms.

Aanhangers kan na dié nuutste liedjie gaan luister by https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfE1-WKYbo8

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