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Rand Water warns about dry taps

Residents should begin to stock up on water.

Residents of Govan Mbeki Municipality must prepare themselves to soon be without water for long periods as Rand Water (RW) is planning maintenance on its infrastructures.

The water supplier will do a transformer update in Trichardt, which will affect the water supply from June 24 to 28.

They will also tie the new N6 pipeline to the old N6 pipeline on July 5, which affects the Bloemendal Pump Station and might leave residents dry for at least 54 hours.

RW will further install new infrastructure to provide augmentation and flexibility at the Mapleton station on July 26, which will again leave residents dry for nearly four days.

RW’s media relations manager, Justice Mohale, said RW was embarking on a proactive extensive maintenance project during the winter months to improve the reliability and efficiency of its water infrastructure.

“Proactive infrastructure maintenance is important to preserve the quality and integrity of the infrastructure, reduce maintenance costs in the long term and increase the life span of the infrastructure and assets,” said Mohale.

“A maintained water infrastructure ensures an uninterrupted water supply for the current and future generation.

“As an organisation, we have a solid asset management strategy which provides a focused approach to managing technical maintenance, asset lifecycle and maximises the value and advantage of our assets.

“We conduct two types of infrastructure and asset maintenance – proactive (planned) and unplanned. Our proactive maintenance is scheduled and aimed at preserving the quality, integrity and lifespan of our water infrastructure.

“To ensure the reliability of our infrastructure during the higher demand summer season, RW plans its maintenance during the low water demand season in winter or during the December holiday season.

“We have engaged with our municipal customers, continue to engage and officially notified them about the upcoming maintenance project to ensure they have a 21-day period to plan, get contingency plans in place, manage storage capacity before and during the maintenance period and inform their customers accordingly.”

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