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Trucks wreak havoc on Bethal roads

Trucks are contributing to the already deteriorating state of Bethal roads and are damaging pavements and stop signs.

Concerns have been raised over truckers accessing roads and parking on pavements around Bethal town.

It is of great concern that truckers park at intersections and obstruct traffic in areas they are not allowed to commute in.

This is besides the damage caused to the already dilapidating conditions of Bethal roads and the damage to pavements and road signs.

“These trucks are messing up our town,” said Hennie Bekker, district coordinator for Highveld District AfriForum.

Bekker said motorists must drive around these trucks and that law enforcement is not visible after hours and is only visible on the N17.

A truck driver coming out of Kerk Street in Bethal. Pictured on the left of the image is a sign stating no trucks allowed.

Some of the main problem areas where truckers are obstructing traffic and illegally parking are Kerk and Malherbe streets.

“We try our best to fix verges and pavements these trucks are destroying. However, why do we keep helping GMM if law enforcement is not coming into play?

“Law enforcement needs to take action. Our roads are deteriorating, road signs are getting messed up and they are destroying our pavements,” said Bekker.

Bekker points fingers at the no-name truck brands driving coal to Richards Bay and says that these drivers are “doing what they want”.

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In response to the Ridge Times media enquiry, GMM’s Donald Green, acting head of communications, said: “GMM is concerned about the road infrastructure that is being severely damaged by the trucks. These trucks inconvenience the residents and cause a build-up of traffic.”

Green said there is serious traffic on the N17 and that GMM is pleading with drivers not to deviate from the N17.

“Residential roads are not meant for big trucks. We are deploying traffic officers to monitor these areas used by the trucks and we are in meetings,” said Green.

Green concluded by saying that truckers should only be using roads that are designated for them.

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