Municipality in Standerton converts electricity meters

It will be implemented at no cost to the customer.

Lekwa Municipality has initiated a project of converting existing electricity meters to a meter relating to both conventional and pre-paid meters.

A letter outlining the benefits was shared on a WhatsApp-group, saying it would result in more accurate billing, a reduction in continuous electricity losses and replacement of ageing infrastructure.

Meter audits and installations are underway.

According to the letter, only properly authorised officials should be allowed to enter the property or have access to the meter. They will be provided with identification cards.

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“Safety of customers is our main concern,” Malose Lamola, municipal manager, said.

It will be implemented at no cost to the customer. Lamola went on to say that no money should be exchanged at any point and requested that such incidents should be reported via email.

The address can be used. Credits on existing meters furthermore, will be carried over.

He requested the community to cooperate with the municipality. Call 017 712 9600 or 017 793 3002 with any queries.

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