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Seven organising tips for children’s rooms

If tidying your child's room is always a battle at the end of the day, we have some tips to make it easier...

Cleaning your child’s room doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Use these time-saving organising tips and see how much easier this chore becomes for both you and your child!

Tip 1: Sorting, storing, and simplifying

If your child’s room is small and shared with another sibling, this organising trick comes in handy. Sort any out-of-season clothes or toys that your child may have outgrown and store in another room, or even an outdoor shed or wendy house. Do regular cleanouts of toys your child no longer wants or clothes that no longer fit them and donate to charity regularly.

Tip 2: Labels, labels, labels

When things are visually appealing, it is much easier for kids to sort them. Use pictures on containers to make them think of toy organisation as a game rather than a chore. Label everything, so your child knows exactly what goes where.

Tip 3: Use the ‘contain-and-control’ strategy

Before storing toys, separate items into their own containers. Use one container for fluffy toys, for example, and the other for smaller toys like lego and blocks. Containers allow you to keep track of how many toys are out at any given time. Stackable containers help save space and create the illusion of more space if stacked in the corner of a room.

Tip 4: Make a toy rotation bin or schedule

Maintaining a toy rotation schedule not only keeps the space clean but also sparks excitement when you bring out toys your child hasn’t seen in a while.

Tip 5: Shelves, cupboards, and bookcases

Choosing the right furniture can go a long way in helping keep your child’s room tidy and for storing items such as books, toys, clothes, and so on.

Tip 6: Make use of clear storage boxes

Clear containers are ideal for storing smaller items like arts and crafts supplies. This allows them to be easily identified during playtime, and similar items can be stored together when it’s time to clean up.

Tip 7: Change bad habits

You’ll be surprised at how much simply changing your habits can make a difference. Rather than yelling, “Clean up your room!” do the tasks together and make it a fun time for both of you.


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