Love the institution, hate the system

AUCKLAND PARK - UJ and Wits students continue to protest for #FeesMustFall through marching and throwing stones.

Protests action continues at University of Johannesburg (UJ) and University of Witswatersrand (Wits) for #FeesMustFallReloaded today.

UJ student’s threw rocks at security personnel after been removed from the institution. Pepper spray was also used to remove students around the fountain on campus. Security are only allowing limited access through the main campus entrance and no cars are allowed in or out of the university.

Graduations scheduled for today continued through the chaos. Currently, campus security is patrolling the grounds and police are on site.

Meanwhile, Wits students gear up for another march to the Chamber of Mines.

“Now is the time to unite and sharpen our argument for free education,” said a University of Johannesburg student to a crowd gathered on university grounds before any removals.

In the apolitical student’s speech to rally UJ student’s to the cause, he explained that there fight is not with the university but with the Department of Education and they are tired of having the same conversation for free education every year. Students should be given the opportunity to study whether they pass of fail.

Watch the full speech here:

According to the UJ student, they want the protest to remain peaceful because they love and cherish their institution but hate the system. He voiced the upset caused by the unwelcome ‘bouncers’ that stop and search the student’s bags and cars, which has become an extra security measure.

The UJ students want to bridge equality in more ways than free education but also in businesses on campus. According to the speech, the university canteen only facilitates white business owners and students want black business owners to have a fair opportunity to have their business in the canteen.


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